Granite State Safe

Know Before You Go

The Granite State Safe initiative invites all Granite Staters and visitors to New Hampshire to make a personal commitment to follow COVID-19 Safe Practices to help make New Hampshire the safest place for its families, workers, and guests. This initiative is about local communities supporting each other to ensure that all Granite Staters are self-accountable to abide by best practice safety standards.

Review the website or call the business to learn about any changes to business as usual. Advanced planning is the best way to ensure a great experience.

Things are different these days, and people have different levels of concern for the coronavirus. Please be thoughtful about this in our communities and businesses by respecting and embracing changes implemented to protect the health of everyone. 

Clean your hands regularly, wear masks, and keep your distance. These three things have been shown to have the greatest impact on keeping you and those around you safe.  Do your part for the greater good!

Come back later if you might pose a risk to others. Not feeling great, or suspect you’ve been exposed to the coronavirus?  For the sake of the health of others you could be in contact with during your visit, please stay home.  We’ll be here waiting for you when you feel better!

From our 18 miles of coastline stretching along the Seacoast Region, to the highest summit in the Northeast located in the White Mountains Region, New Hampshire has variety within proximity covered. 

We’re working hard to re-open and revitalize our destinations and businesses responsibly and safely. Visit patiently, by being courteous to each other, by understanding that some things may not be the same right away, and by sharing the destinations we all know and love, as we navigate this new normal.

The Granite State Safe campaign was developed in response to the coronavirus pandemic and in conjunction with the safe reopening of businesses throughout the state through practices aligned with New Hampshire Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. This initiative hopes to unify the entire state of New Hampshire through the protection of the health of its communities, residents, and customers.